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Find hereafter some comments from our customers about the way they use our software:

Just wanted to drop you a note of positive feedback directly relating to one of your programs. I continue to be impressed with the usability and performance of the MSD Organizer.

You thought of everything when you came up with the program. It is the one sure program I use every single day and I have yet to activate all of the many features available. Can't think of a program that is so inclusive, effective and functional. Thank you for your efforts.


I am using MSD Organizer for more than 5 years, and I haven't missed a single appointment since then, all my contacts are in the organizer, so I can always check the data very easily, I have a live long update and I can recommend it to every one.

Henk, VDZ Projecten v.o.f. The Netherlands

I'm using MSD Organizer. Excellent program. Will make you organized. Will not let you miss any work with its robust reminder system. One must go for it if you want to handle multitasking work with ease. Well done MSD Soft team for bringing in such a program.

Vivek Sang, Seema Dental College & Hospital, India

I have been using MSD Organizer since April of 2006, after using the product for a short while I was so impressed and pleased with this software that I decided to purchase a lifetime license in support of the company. The product is robust, stable and has a beautiful and easy to use interface.

I not only purchased MSD Organizer but also purchased a lifetime license for MSD Collections. I highly recommend MSD Soft products! You will NOT be disappointed!

Loyal Customer Since April 2006

Nora L. Palmer

I use MSD Organizer programs for almost 10 years and during this time it helped me a lot remembering all my tasks and important informations. Today I use MSD ORGANIZER and I would not change it for nothing.

Tarik Ayres de Oliveira Martinez, Brazil

I own MSD Organizer for several years and the program gets better and better. The support is quite helpful and the interface is simply intuitive. I purchased MSD Sales as well. Very useful and intuitive sales software. Thank you MSD Soft!

Mario F. Berlincioni, FERRETTI DINO Asia. Ltd, Hong Kong

J'utilise le MSD Organiser depuis 2008 et je peux vous dire qu'il a toujours comblé mes besoins pour tenir à jour mes RDV, mes Mémos etc. et je suis toujours prêt à le conseiller à qui que se soit.

I use MSD Organizer since 2008 and I can tell you that it has always met my needs for maintaining my appointments, my memos etc. and I am always ready to recommend it to anyone.

Jean-Guy Beauchesne

I have used the MSD Organizer for 7 years now and it has made my job life easier and saved my life many times. To be able to find job details and completed jobs so quickly for my boss is just great. It's quite interesting how often you need to be able to reflect on past work and to be able to document future works is so helpful. Some of the features of the program are quite incredible and it's a very simple but powerful program to operate.

Karlisle Cotter

I use the MSD Organizer for a long time and today I can't live without it. We are web designers and have a home office biz. I must admit that the MSD Organizer helped us to grow and grow because, with it, I can control everything.

All my annotations, my passwords, customers and my budget, everything is under control. MSD Organizer is is very useful for me and for my business.

As long as you have the habit to take annotations this software will save you tons of problems. By the way, the backup system is very, very easy and safe to keep you organized... and as I said, safe.

Laércio Jacob, Brazil.

I use MSD Organizer more than 1 year now. This program is very useful for my business. First of all, I like very much that it is possible to install MSD Soft products on portable devices and take all my information with me everywhere!

Also I want to note the many features of MSD Organizer, I mean the possibility of storing a spreadsheet, a rich text documents and an image in every record of program modules! It is very valuable for me! I could not find any other organizer software with so many possibilities. And also I want to distinguish the large quantity of different modules in MSD Organizer!

Sergey Sytov, CEO Bisans Co. Ltd, Russia

I recently registered my copy of MSD Collections and use it to maintain a database of my music, books and movie collection. I find it indispensable, it is easy to use and I especially like the modular approach so that all my data is available in one piece of software and information is extremely easy to find.

Richard McGee

Now I have a number of years using MSD Organizer and I am very satisfied here! All the data that you need in one place and very organized.

I also tried a number of similar programs but have always returned to MSD Organizer because none of the other programs offer what you can find here!

And when you have questions you get very quick response from the help desk! In short: a must !!

Rob Rengers (Netherlands)


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