Program history

The version history of MSD Organizer is the following (in reverse order):

Version 13.8   31-Jan-2022
·The maximum size of each program database is increased from 4GB to 128GB, both in the single-user and multi-user versions.  
·Multiline fields now provide text search via context menu and by pressing Ctrl-F and Ctrl-R on the keyboard.  
·After making a backup of the databases, the newly created file is verified, and if this check fails, the user is given the possibility to repeat the process.  
·The Mail module optimizes the reading of the inbox when mails are deleted from the server using other mail software or Webmail.  
·Several improvements have been made to the internal functioning of the Mail module.  
·The Music module now displays MP3 labels in the information windows.  
·Changes are made to optimize program performance on Windows 11.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 13.7   28-Jul-2020
·New action added to the attachments toolbar of the Mail module that allows to delete all the attached files stored on disk of the current email.  
·Now the "Options" button of the Mail module opens the Options dialog at the "Modules-Mail" tab.  
·The mouse wheel now allows to scroll through the mail accounts panel when the cursor is over it.  
·The process of storing mails on disk in EML format has been improved.  
·When the Contacts module is opened, the focus is now placed on the data grid instead of on the groups panel.  
·When the program is closed, any temporary databases in the program's data directory are deleted.  
·The Union module now opens correctly after disconnecting from the data server in the Multiuser version when the local databases are encrypted.  
·When the program is closed, the process of closing the open modules has been improved.  
·Changes to improve the performance of the program after Windows 10 May-2020 update.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 13.6   07-Jan-2019
·Changes to improve the performance of the program after Windows 10 October Update.  
·Improvements in the closing procedure of the Mail module.  
·Improvements in the behavior of the data grid in the Network messages window.  
·Changes in the Tasks edition dialog.  
·Changes in the Options dialog.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 13.5   20-Aug-2018
·New option in "Modules - Tasks" that allows to choose what happens with the dates of duplicated tasks. Now you can choose between getting the dates of the original task, the date of the day or leaving them blank.  
·In the "Protected sites" tool, the data copied to the clipboard is deleted after a few seconds for security reasons.  
·In the multi-user version, when an alarm is deleted from the Calendar, this change is now updated in all the programs running in the network.  
·The "View field" command of the encrypted fields now correctly shows the text that contain the ampersand character (&).  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 13.4   19-Feb-2018
·New option in "Modules - All - Modules configuration" that allows to reopen the modules previously open when maintenance operations are run.  
·Birthday and Anniversary alarms created automatically contain now the corresponding date in the message text.  
·Fixed an error caused by a Windows 10 update when opening the folder selection dialog  
·Emails can now be saved to disk in EML format even if their subject is blank or contains illegal characters.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 13.3   08-May-2017
·New action in the contextual menu of multi-line fields that allows to view the content of current field (protected or not).  
·New index in the Emails database associated to the reception date of the messages.  
·In the multi-user version of the program, when users disconnect from the server the program now saves the configuration of data grids.  
·The programs is shown correctly in screens with resolution higher than Full HD (1920x1080).  
·The update of Windows 10 Anniversary in August 2016 caused an error in the program start if a default printer was not assigned. This problem has been fixed.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 13.2   23-Feb-2017
·When editing Terminated and Cancelled periodic tasks to make them Pending, the next occurrence of the task is now created.  
·Network Messaging: the messages are now sent encrypted through the network.  
·Network Messaging: special characters are now correctly received.  
·In the Multi-user version, the program prevents pressing the "Connect" or "Disconnect" buttons while initial windows are being displayed.  
·In the Multiuser version, when the user disconnects from the server, the program displays the initial windows indicated in the options for program startup.  
·Mail module: the name of recipient email account is highlighted in blue and bold, both in the mail module and in the email display dialog.  
·Contacts module: hint information is added to the copy button.  
·The process of closing the program is improved when Windows 10 closes it while shutting down the computer.  
·The default value of the backup folder has changed. Now that value is: the folder where the program saves the data.  
·The default value of the program clock presence has changed. Now that value is: when the user opens it.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 13.1   06-Oct-2016
·Contacts module: age is shown in data grids and information windows. The number of years since the wedding anniversary is also shown.  
·Alarms module: Birthday alarms show the age of the contact. Anniversary alarms show the number of years elapsed since the wedding.  
·The date is updated in the header of all modules when they are activated after the change of day.Many changes in several parts of the program.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 13.0   04-Apr-2016
·When time changed in spring and autumn, the Email module read all the emails in mailboxes. Now the program takes into account the time change and only reads unread emails.  
·Emails created during synchronization of email accounts are automatically sent at the end of mail synchronization.  
·The program now closes much faster while the Email module is synchronizing mail accounts.  
·The process of sending emails to contacts in a text file has been improved.  
·When new records are created in the Budget module, the Frequency field is now calculated correctly.  
·When records are copied, the field "History records" is cleared.  
·Entering single quotes in the description of tasks caused a SQL error. Now the error does not occur.  
·When Alarms and Tasks are copied, the program now also copies the Recurrence information.  
·When Alarms and Tasks were created from the Calendar module and filters were applied in those modules, the new events did not appear in the Calendar. Now they appear correctly.  
·When a recurrent Task was created and terminated in the first edition, the next occurrence was not created. It is now created correctly.  
·The creation of the packed file has been improved when the program is closed by Windows.  
·Many changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 12.8   10-Sep-2015
·New option for the Mail module that allows to mark replied or forwarded emails as read.  
·New Tutorial that guides new users through main features of the program. Can be accessed from the Help menu.  
·Several changes have been made in order to improve the performance of the program in Windows 10.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 12.7   29-Jun-2015
·Google Contacts Synchronization uses now a new authentication method imposed by Google. Account and password credentials are no longer needed to connect with Google..  
·When a recurrent task was terminated, the new occurrence of the task was not created if any filter was active. Now the new task is created correctly.  
·Some improvements have been made in the Mail module.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 12.6   18-Mar-2015
·Pressing the Escape key on all memo fields and all rich text fields on the program will not cause the deletion of the written text. This way the loss of information is avoided if the Escape key is pressed while editing text.  
·The management of the buttons in the attachments toolbar has been improved in the Mail module.  
·Several improvements have been made in the Mail module.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 12.5   03-Dec-2014
·New Mail module, which allows to manage all your mail accounts from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, GMX and from any mail server that supports the POP3 protocol.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 12.2   16-Jul-2014
·In the Folders tab of the options dialog two new fields have been added for every folder where the packed file will be copied when the program is closed. One field allows to select if the program will show error messages and the other field allows to specify the maximum number of packed files to be stored in that folder.  
·Several changes have been made to improve the program startup.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 12.1   07-Apr-2014
·New option in the tool for synchronization with Google Contacts that allows to mark for synchronization the records created in the PC.  
·Several improvements in the tool that allows to send emails to mailing lists. Among others, the user can select the number of seconds on average to delay every email sent.  
·Fixed a problem that showed an error message when duplicating Alarms, Tasks and Contacts.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 12.0   17-Mar-2014
·New tool that allows to synchronize the information in the Contacts module with Google Contacts. This tool also allows to simulate the synchronization process in order to know in advance the actions that will be performed in the real synchronization. Synchronize your contacts in MSD Organizer with Google and you will also have them in your Android smartphones and tablets.  
·The Pocket PC synchronization tool has been removed.  
·Alarms are not shown while they are edited.  
·Calendar planners show a green icon on periodic events, and a the same icon in brown color in future occurrences of the same eventss.  
·New option in Modules-Calendar-Planners that allow to show an icon in events with alarm.  
·New option in Modules-Calendar-Planners that allow to show an icon in events without alarm.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 11.7   17-Feb-2014
·A numeric field called "Rating" has been added to Main Modules databases and to History database. This field can have a value between 0 and 10 and can be used to filter the databases by the value of that field.  
·The dialog that displays program alarms allows now the deletion of periodic alarms. Up to now only unique alarms could be deleted from this dialog.  
·The dialog that displays program alarms allows to disable the presentation of alarms on the screen. This feature can be useful when there are lots of pending alarms and you want to take control of the program quickly. At any time you can reactivate the presentation of alarms from the Main Menu - File or from a button in the status bar.  
·The dialog that displays program alarms does not allow to postpone alarms shown in advance. To postpone anticipated alarms you must use the buttons "Remind" and "On Time"  
·Calendars with planners (Daily, Weekly, Monthly traditional and Monthly vertical) feature a new action that allows to enable or disable the display of recurring events in the planners. When there are many recurring events, the planners get saturated. Disabling the presentation of recurrent events, real events can be located much better.  
·The performance of Traditional Monthly Calendar has been improved a lot. Now it works faster than ever.  
·Calendars show the first day of the week that the user has configured in the Windows settings.  
·Until now, when an address without URL was selected in the Passwords dialog, the program did not copy the username to the clipboard. Now, if the option to copy username to the clipboard automatically is activated, the username is copied to clipboard in that case.  
·New option in Options - Modules - Alarms - Displaying Alarms, that allows to force the visibility of of alarms by displaying them over any other program.  
·New option in Options - Modules - Alarms - Displaying Alarms, that allows the program to remind the activation state of alarms when it is closed.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 11.6   20-Nov-2013
·In the Folders tab of the options dialog you can specify up to three folders where the program will copy the packed file containing the data when the program is closed. This feature allows you to synchronize program data in the cloud automatically.  
·Several changes have been made in order to improve the performance of the program in Windows 8.1  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 11.5   09-Jan-2013
·Several changes have been made in order to improve the performance of the program in Windows 8.  
·New icon to show that the multiuser version is connected to the server.  
·Removed the confirmation dialog when the right mouse button is clicked on the calendar button, close to Date fields, to get current date.  
·The Property database cannot be grouped by "Active" field because it is a calculated field.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 11.2   31-Oct-2011
·Several dialogs have been updated in order to avoid the disappearance of labels and other controls in Windows 7.  
·Several dialogs have been updated in order to avoid visual corruption of the data grids navigator in Windows 7.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 11.1   14-Feb-2011
·Spell Checker is automatically activated if the program is installed in Windows Vista or later versions.  
·Fixed an error that happened occasionally after closing the Groups Edition Dialog of main modules.  
·Fixed an error that forced the disappearance of some labels and other controls in dialogs when the Alt key was pressed.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 11.0   07-Jun-2010
·Spell checking has been added to Memo fields and Rich Text fields via context menu.  
·Skins can be selected from the View menu, which allow to change the aspect of windows, toolbars, buttons and menus.  
·New tool "Passwords generator", which allows to create safe random passwords.  
·New option in the Multiuser version which allows to select which modules will be automatically opened when the user connects to and disconnects from the data server.  
·The hint of planner alarms and tasks shows the name of the user who created and modified the event.  
·Improved the way in which the main modules are shown when maximized (excessive flickering eliminated).  
·The mouse hint of memo fields in the Information windows shows the size of the field.  
·New option to assign a default font to the word-processor.  
·Many changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 10.3   07-Dec-2009
·The filter arrow in the data grid column headers only shows when the mouse is moved over the column headers.  
·The visible columns menu of the data grids allows to drag columns to change their position in the table.  
·The data grids column filter allows to filter every single value.  
·When protected by password modules are opened at program startup, the program does not ask for the password if it was entered to enter the program.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 10.2   10-Aug-2009
·The program allows to apply filters to the History database based on the data grid fields.  
·When importing contacts in text format, the field "Contact type" can be imported.  
·The evaluation version has no limitations during the first 30 days of use. After that period, new records cannot be added until after a license is purchased.  
·The multiuser version of the program can be unlocked from any client program.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 10.1   25-May-2009
·New button in main toolbar which allows to switch between "Expert" and "Basic" user interface. The items hidden in the Basic user interface can be configured in the program options.  
·The Notes field can be displayed after every record in the data grids. This option can be found in the data grids configuration menu.  
·Some changes have been made in several modules to improve performance issues.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 10.0   17-May-2009
·New menus and toolbars in main modules of the program.  
·New data grid completely configurable in main modules of the program. Allows to sort, filter and group the information by any field or combination of fields.  
·New traditional monthly calendar in the "Calendar" module.  
·New toolbar in main screen showing the open modules.  
·New maintenance tool which allows to restore the default configuration of data grids and toolbars.  
·New maintenance tool which allows to delete the sample records installed by the program.  
·Contacts photo is now stored in the "Contacts" database.  
·Many changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 9.20   17-Nov-2008
·The databases can be permanently encrypted with the program password. This feature is useful if the program is installed in a Pen-Drive or in a removable disk.  
·Alarms and Tasks can be synchronized with a Pocket-PC (up to Windows Mobile 5).  
·New contact type: "Web site", which can be assigned to records associated to a web page.  
·New "active data" filter in Property and Budget modules.  
·"Description" field size is increased from 60 to 100 characters in main program modules.  
·Alarms can be set as "Full day" events. This alarms will be shown in planner headers.  
·New option which allows to show or hide the group lists toolbar.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 9.10   26-May-2008
·New toolbar in the group panel of the modules with groups.  
·New report which allows to print the groups.  
·New folder with icons for the groups.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 9.00   11-Feb-2008
·The program and program data are installed in the recommended folders for full Windows Vista compatibility.  
·All the records in main databases can contain an Excel compatible spreadsheet.  
·Alarms can show the alert message before the event date arrives, and can be reminded at user defined time intervals.  
·Tasks can now have an alarm to alert the user about the task initiation date.  
·Alarms and Tasks alerts can be configured in the program Options dialog.  
·A red cross is painted in the upper right corner of planner events which do not have an alert.  
·Important improvements in the alarms dialog, which now can be resized and shows the information organized in a vertical grid.  
·New action in calendars and planners which allows to postpone alarms and tasks.  
·New action in the popup menu of "Complete Information" grids to copy the contents of the selected field.  
·New "Age" field in Contacts.  
·The name of program modules is shown in the main toolbar.  
·The Windows user name is shown in the status bar of the program.  
·The program version is added to the backup file names and to the exported file names.  
·New option in the popup menu of the Clock to hide the border of the window.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 8.30   12-Nov-2007
·New "SpreadSheet" tool, which allows to open Excel spreadsheets.  
·New contextual menu in "Complete information" pages which, among other things, allows to show a report with the information of current record.  
·The monthly planner marks current day in the header.  
·Data grids can be scrolled using the mouse wheel.  
·The Image viewer allows to change the size of the images with the mouse wheel.  
·The program help format has been changed to "Html Help" to make it Windows Vista compatible.  
·Improved the behavior of the program when it is closed by Windows.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 8.20   27-Jul-2007
·The "Today" calendar allows to select the number of days previous to today for which the program will show pending and initiated tasks.  
·The "Today" calendar allows to select the number of days later than four weeks for which the program will show pending alarms and tasks.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 8.10   31-May-2007
·The "Today" calendar shows pending and initiated tasks of previous days.  
·New field "State/Action" in the "Today" calendar.  
·The program supports birthdays older than 100 years.  
·Monthly and Yearly periodic events now recall their assigned values.  
·The program shows the parent icon in the group lists, if this feature is selected in the program options.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 8.00   07-May-2007
·New calendar "Today", which shows today's alarms and tasks sorted by date and time. This calendar also shows tomorrow's events and the events of the next four weeks.  
·All program reports can be saved in PDF format. Notes fields, rich text documents and all the reports can be saved to disk in PDF format.  
·New option that allows group filters to include the records of hierarchically dependant groups. This change affects the following modules: Contacts, Cards, Property, Budget, Health and Music.  
·New Tools toolbar, which can be located in any side of the main window. It contains buttons to show all program tools.  
·New Tools option in the popup menu of the program icon in the System Tray. It allows to run the program tools while the program is iconized.  
·New options for the Multiuser version which allow to select what modules will require password when they are open in the local database or in the Server.  
·The reports show now the font selected in the program options.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 7.50   12-Feb-2007
·Contacts and Phones reports allow to print every new group in a new page.  
·The alarms are shown in the monitor where the main window is located.  
·When an alarm is duplicated, all the fields of the edition dialog are filled out properly.  
·When a task is edited and the estimated dates are left blank, the program initializes them automatically.  
·The program recalls the previous position of the main window after restoring it when it is maximized.  
·The dialog that sends emails to contacts formats the email text properly when the message contains attached files.  
·The program do not center windows anymore when they are resized.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 7.40   05-Jan-2007
·Complete History and History modules allow to view the full contents of the parent record.  
·New option that allows to show the toolbars with a three-dimensional aspect.  
·The Pocket PC synchronization now uses general email or personal email in this order.  
·Changes in the aspect of several dialogs of the program.  
·By default the News tool is not shown at program startup or after connecting to the Server (multiuser version).  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 7.30   15-Oct-2006
·Contacts: new buttons in the "Complete information" window that show the contact's communication dialog.  
·Alarms: new action that allows to move an inactive alarm to the Diary.  
·Tasks: new tasks filter options that allow to select "Completed tasks on time" and "Completed tasks out of time".  
·Protected sites: new features allow to visit the selected site automatically and also allow to copy the user name to the clipboard automatically. These features allow to login into protected sites even faster.  
·Music lists are now created correctly.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 7.20   29-Jul-2006
·New information window which shows all the fields of the main program modules. Only the fields with contents will be shown and the program will recall columns width and sections expansion.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 7.10   07-Jun-2006
·Recurrent events with an interval greater than 1 are shown in the planners in the correct position.  
·Events can be moved with the mouse in the Planners directly, without selecting them first.  
·All program links are directed to the new MsdSoft web page.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 7.00   17-May-2006
·Periodic Alarms and Tasks allow more recurrency options.  
·Future occurrences of periodic alarms and tasks are shown in the planners.  
·Tasks have two new states: suspended and cancelled.  
·Tasks spanning more than one day are shown in the header of daily and weekly planners.  
·Frequent recurrent events can be configured not to be shown in the planners.  
·The management of Calendar events has been improved.  
·The associated contact is now copied when a task is moved to the Diary.  
·When alarms protected with password are shown, the password is not asked continuously.  
·Alarms and Tasks revision dialogs have been improved.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.90   05-Apr-2006
·Contacts: the maximum number of categories has been increased from 32 to 256.  
·In the Tasks edition dialog, when the status is changed to Initiated or Terminated, the program initializes real dates with expected dates.  
·Planners show recurrent events captions with a gradient color. Non recurrent events captions are shown with a solid color.  
·Daily planners show current time in the sidebar and draw a bold separator line between complete hours.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.80   08-Mar-2006
·New tool: Pocket PC Synchronization, which allows to synchronize the contacts of the Contacts module with the contact database of a Pocket PC.  
·Planners show the associated contact of Alarms and Tasks in the events hint window.  
·The performance of the Alarms module has been improved when there are thousands of inactive alarms.  
·The Contacts module now exports and imports Salutation and Suffix fields.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.70   05-Feb-2006
·New tool: Complete History, which shows the history records of all program modules.  
·The linked contact field has been added to the Alarms and Tasks grids in the Calendar module.  
·Periodic alarms are reactivated ignoring if they have been postponed.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.60   14-Jan-2006
·Linked contacts: any record of Calendar, Alarms, Tasks, Cards, Diary, Property, Budget, Health and History modules, can be linked with a contact. Using the History module, any record of the mentioned modules can be linked with any number of contacts.  
·The content filter dialog (Ctrl-T) allows to filter records linked with a contact.  
·Confidential fields allow to copy their content from the information window, without editing the record. This copy operation can be protected by password.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.50   28-Nov-2005
·When a contact is copied, the program updates correctly the fields of the new record with the values of the copied record.  
·When a database is filtered with the Ctrl-T dialog, the program supports now simple quotes in the searched text.  
·When the History dialog is closed with a filter applied to the database, the program updates correctly the number of history records.  
·In the multiuser version, some popup menu actions in history, embedded documents, rich text documents and images, are enabled or disabled depending on the user access rights.  
·The program can be now installed on top of versions prior to version 5.0  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.40   30-Oct-2005
·Contacts: the SQL command of the Category filter has been modified to match the new database engine syntax. The filter now works properly.  
·Contacts edition dialog: the accelerators for Single or Composite name now move the focus to the appropriate fields.  
·The restore tool now restructures the Cards database properly.  
·The Empty database tool does not show an error message at the end of the process.  
·Favorites are now reindexed without delays.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.30   17-Oct-2005
·The database engine used in the program has been upgraded.  
·The grid configuration now works appropriately in contextual menus.  
·Contacts: the contact type filter can now be selected with the Enter key.  
·The controls of the Protected sites dialog can now be selected with the Enter key.  
·The algorithm that calculates the distance between two dates has been improved. This change affects the Diary and Property modules.  
·Calendar: inactive alarms are painted gray in planners.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.20   07-Ago-2005
·Contacts: new field Code to store customer and supplier codes. The Contacts database can be sorted by this field.  
·The program recalls now the visibility of the Group column in all modules.  
·While editing a contact, if the contact type is changed, the program will warn the user if any information is hidden because of this change.  
·If the program is launched and it is already running, it will be shown even if it is minimized or iconized.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 6.10   22-Jun-2005
·The tables of main databases allow to change the position and visibility of its columns.  
·New columns have been added to the tables of main databases. Some of these columns are hidden by default. Column visibility can be changed from the last item of the tables contextual menu.  
·The size of some fields of the Contacts module have been increased  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  
·This version initializes the program options. Security and registration information is preserved.  

Version 6.00   15-May-2005
·The Contacts module has been completely reformed. Among other improvements, it is possible to chose between simple and compound name, records can be sorted by the elements of the compound name and by Company, it contains new fields (among others, confidential data, sites protected with password, company information and professional information).  
·Contact's general or personal postal address can be copied to the clipboard to paste it into another document.  
·Contacts can be filtered by Contact type (Company, Professional, Individual, undefined).  
·New field Confidential data in Cards, which can be protected by password.  
·New tool Protected sites, which manages the protected sites field of the Contacts module to let you visit the internet sites protected with password safely, easily and quickly.  
·Planners mouse hint information shows the duration of tasks.  
·The date format of the Backup files has changed to allow name sorting. An example of current date format is 2005-05-04 (may, 4th 2005).  
·Many changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 5.30   05-Apr-2005
·New option to paint planner events header with a color depending on the event priority.  
·The content filter dialog (Ctrl-T) now works properly when the "Select not matching records" option is activated.  
·The program now updates the alarms of other network users when modified in a planner.  
·Monthly planner now updates the activation time of alarms which are updated from the planner.  
·New countries can be added to the Countries database without errors.  

Version 5.20   21-Feb-2005
·New Event filter in Alarms, Tasks and Diary.  
·History information is shown in a new information window.  
·Diary and weekly planners can show the occupation in the planner footer. This feature can be configured in the program Options.  
·The yearly calendar now shows inactive alarms and tasks previous to current date.  
·Mouse hints in yearly calendar and program clock now show alarms and tasks status.  
·The weekly planner now shows the week number correctly.  
·Categories filter dialog in the Contacts module now show all available categories.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 5.10   29-Nov-2004
·New content filter (Ctrl-T) in history database.  
·Lookup fields can be selected to find text.  
·Several improvements in the planners. Among others, events can overlap while dragging.  
·The new planner solves a freeze problem with some tasks.  
·When the program connects to the server automatically at program startup, the program updates the network users window.  
·After editing groups with tree structure, the program updates the group list properly.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 5.00   20-May-2004
·New Calendar module, with daily, weekly and monthly planners.  
·Added XP Themes support.  
·The program now maintains the registration when installed in USB disks.  
·Tasks have now initiation and finalization times.  
·Tasks can be created from the planner of the Tasks module.  
·Program groups may have icons.  
·The user can select images of any size for Events, Favorites and Groups icons. The program will resize the images to the appropriate size maintaining the aspect ratio.  
·New options to set up Calendar planners.  
·New option that allows information windows to automatically change depending on its contents.  
·The event selection controls now show the icons inside the control.  
·Popup help windows in planners now stay visible longer to allow a comfortable reading.  
·The dialog to send emails to contacts allows to ignore transmission errors.  
·Alarms, Tasks and Calendar modules show information in different colors, on the screen and in reports.  
·New XP style icons in all the program.  
·When a periodic task is declared Terminated, the program will create a copy for the next occurrence. Previous versions moved the task to a new date.  
·The Union module allows sorting the reports by all the fields that the module supports.  
·Many changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 4.80   17-Mar-2004

·The groups of this program can now be organized in a tree structure of unlimited depth.  
·The behavior of the Task planner has been improved.  
·New option to show group trees collapsed.  
·New option to ask for a password when alarms are going to be shown.  
·New option to ask for a password when network messages are going to be shown.  
·Reports can be invoked from the popup menu of all program modules.  
·The word processor does not allow the modification of tables or images when viewing documents.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 4.50   
·News: new tool that shows important information and news at program startup.  
·Image viewer: new tool that allows to view or print the images stored in the program records.  
·Edition dialogs can be resized.  
·New Planner information window in the Tasks module.  
·Improvements in the tool that sends messages to mailing lists: the dialog can be resized, Html emails can now contain attachments.  
·Text document editors now contain a toolbar and a contextual menu in the edition dialogs.  
·Edition dialogs now show a mark in the tabsheets which contain information in the text document and image pages.  
·The Image information windows provide a menu to view, edit, delete and print the image.  
·Calendar preferences can be configured in the Options dialog.  
·New option that allows to delete network messages older than a certain number of days.  
·Favorites icons and Event icons can be saved to disk.  
·Alt-Ins allows to copy current record.  
·Double-Click behavior in memo and text documents can be selected in the Options dialog.  
·Reports can show a user defined text in headers and footers.  
·History and Cards field "Value" has been substituted by field "Link", which can contain the path to a file document, a web address or an email address.  
·The Calculator now uses the "Enter" key to send the result to the associated field.  
·Many improvements in several areas of the program.  

Version 4.10   04-Aug-2003

·When moving tasks to the diary, the Image and Event fields are now copied.  
·In the multiuser version, when disconnecting from the server, now the Union button is enabled correctly.  
·In History, when searching text, the content indicators of the information windows are now updated.  
·Minor changes in several parts of the program.  

Version 4.00   07-Jun-2003

·New word processor tool, which allows to edit your documents with formatted text, tables, images and more.  
·All program records have a new field called Text document, which can be edited with the word processor.  
·All program records have a new field called Image, which can be filled with graphics (jpg, gif, bmp, etc).  
·Alarms, Tasks and Diary contain a new field called Event, which allows to enter an icon in every record to visually identify the events.  
·New action in all program modules to duplicate current record.  
·New action in all program modules to delete the available records.  
·Union module allows to sort the records by the size of these fields: Text document, Embedded document and Image.  
·History records contain the new fields Text document and Image.  
·Filter dialog contains new special filters which allow to select the records containing any value in these fields: Notes, History, Text document, Embedded document and Image.  
·Many improvements in several areas of the program.  
·This version requires a new registration key.  

Version 3.70   01-Feb-2003

·Several improvements in the network messenger tool. Among others, the user and message windows can stay on the screen when the program is minimized or iconized.  
·New field Responsible in the tasks, that allows to enter one or more persons to whom the task has been assigned to.  
·The size of the description field of the Cards, Property and Budget modules has been increased.  
·The calculator now let the user to interact with the program while visible.  
·The hint of the clock and the calendar now stays one minute on the screen.  
·Several improvements in different areas of the program.  

Version 3.60   13-Dec-2002

·New network messenger tool, that allows to exchange text messages with other users of the program in the same local area network. Its main features are:  
·Private and public messages.  
·Public messages can be sent to all the users or to any number of them.  
·Private messages get an automatic acknowledgment.  
·The messages are stored in folders (received, sent, etc) like in the mail programs.  

Version 3.50   01-Nov-2002
·New Multiuser version, which allows several users to access MSD Organizer information in a local network or even through the Internet.  
·Contacts: new dialog that allows to communicate with a contact through the phone, email or web.  
·Contacts: birthday and anniversary alarms are now created when importing Contacts in program format.  
·Options: new State/Province and City fields that will be used to automatically fill the appropriate fields when creating new contacts.  
·Options: the program now recalls the folders of background images.  
·Options: the edition toolbar can now be hidden in all modules.  
·Property: fixed a problem when calculating current price of property elements.  
·Financial calculations: fixed a problem when calculating loan payment.  

Version 3.40   10-Aug-2002
·When exporting data in program format, the history can also be exported.  
·When importing data in program format, the history is also imported.  
·The Calendar module shows alarms and tasks dates in the data grids. It also shows the week number..  
·Two new alarm types to close the program and to shut down the computer.  
·Background images can now be selected for the main toolbar and for the program canvas. The images can be selected in the Options dialog.  
·The program recalls the last folder used when importing and exporting data.  
·All program modules have now a button to close the window.  
·Several improvements in different areas of the program.  

Version 3.30   16-Jun-2002
·The Music module allows to maintain playlists, which can be sorted by list name, date of last play or number of plays.  
·Text can now be found in the History database, using the new search tool that can find text in any history field.  
·Contact reports now print other phones using the appropriate font.  
·Minor changes in different areas of the program.  

Version 3.20   28-Apr-2002
·New Music module, that allows to create a catalog of your MP3 songs. Use this module to select your favorite songs and play them with your default MP3 player.  
·The dialog that restores program data now automatically selects the last available backup file.  
·Several improvements in different areas of the program.  

Version 3.15   14-Feb-2002
·The Calendar reports can now print the Notes field of alarms and tasks.  
·Some improvements have been made in the routines that send SMS messages to mobile phones.  
·Some improvements have been made in the tool that sends messages to mailing lists.  
·The program properly packs and unpacks the information when compressed files are embedded in the databases (like ZIP files or JPG images).  

Version 3.00   07-Jan-2002
·New History database associated to all program modules. Every record can have any number of history records, which will contain information sorted by date and a link to any document in the system. This powerful tool can be used to keep control of the relationship with banks, customers, companies, professionals, etc, and can also be used to associate documents to projects, customers, etc. To open the history of any record, simply press Ctrl-H.  
·New tools to send SMS messages, through internet and through a mobile phone connected to the computer. The SMS messages can also be sent from the Communicate menu in the Contacts module.  
·The Calendar module allows to create new diary annotations from the popup menu.  
·The Options dialog allows now not to ask for the password at program startup. This option is useful when the program is configured to be iconized at startup and is launched by windows at system startup.  
·All the report selection dialogs will remain open until the user closes them. This new behavior will allow the printing of several reports of the same module without leaving the report selection dialog.  
·The dialog to unlock the shareware version allows now to paste the lines with the user name and the registration key both at a time. This modification will easy the unlocking process.  
·Several changes and improvements in different areas of the program.  
·This version requires a new registration key.  

Version 2.50   01-Nov-2001
·Some modifications have been made to make the program Windows XP compatible.  
·Some improvements have been made in the tool that sends messages to mailing lists.  

Version 2.40   03-Oct-2001
·New tools in Contacts that allow to send customized emails to program contacts or to mail lists in text files. The messages can be customized with templates.  
·Program Fonts and Colors can be customized from the Options dialog. This feature has implied the revision of all modules in the program.  
·The Favorites menu includes an option to create new favorites.  
·The Taskbar menu includes options to create new program records without restoring the program.  
·The Union module contains a new field that shows the number of bytes of the Notes field of every record.  
·The dialog that shows Notes fields allows to print its content.  
·Minor improvements.  

Version 2.30   01-Aug-2001
·New Favorites tool: contains program records and groups, programs, folders, documents, phone numbers, Web addresses, Email addresses and user defined favorites.  
·New Contacts option to communicate with the contacts making a phone call, visiting their web pages or sending emails to them.  
·All modules export their data in HTML format, providing an easy way to publish your data on the Web.  
·Small improvements in several areas of the program.  

Version 2.20   05-Jun-2001
·All program modules can send their records by email in several formats.  
·Contacts and Cards modules now are able to print envelopes and letters.  
·The Search text dialog now allows to search from the first record or from current record.  
·The auxiliary databases edition dialog now can be resized.  
·Property transactions are now grouped in a submenu.  
·Alarms created from the Calendar module now store the alarm date properly.  
·Fixed a problem when groups where created from the contact edition dialog.  
·Fixed a problem when exporting Health records in program format.  

Version 2.10   01-May-2001
·This version has been delayed because of the extensive tests we have done due to a version upgrade of the development tool and the database engine. These upgrades have provided extra capabilities to this program, some of which are described in the following lines.  
·Documents can be embedded into records of all program modules. Among others, wordprocessor documents, spread sheets, charts, images and presentations can be embedded into records.  
·Filters can now be applied to memo fields in all modules. This option can be deactivated in the filter by content dialog.This is a major improvement of the filtering capabilities of the program.  
·Records can be filtered when the selected fields are empty.  
·Property module now accepts negative values in the Value field. This is useful for mortgages.  
·Database compression now applies not only to index files, but also to data and blob files.  
·New maintenance procedure for repairing corrupted databases.  
·New tool that calculates personal biorhythms (also included in the Health module).  
·Contacts: copy and paste commands have been added to the popup menu of multi-line fields (more phones, web addresses, email addresses).  
·Performance of Union module has been improved.  
·Saturdays are not displayed as holidays in calendars.  

Version 2.00   20-Nov-2000
·New Union module, which contains Description and Notes fields of all other program modules.  
·Contacts module has been greatly improved: unlimited phone numbers, emails and web addresses per contact, user fields, contact picture, local time and time gap, multiline address, better reports, etc.  
·Added Import/Export functionality to all modules.  
·Improved edition in Alarms and Tasks.  
·Unique alarms can be now deleted from the alarm dialog.  
·Alarms can be now postponed giving explicit activation date and time.  
·Property transactions now have a Notes field.  
·New budget report that shows the budget of the selected month.  
·Duplicated key restriction has been eliminated in all databases. Now multiple identical records can be entered in all modules.  
·New field in all databases holds date and time of last record modification.  
·New tool for locating records in all modules. Try it :) (Ctrl-L)  
·Memo fields can now be edited in a resizeable window. (Alt-Enter)  
·New button to show a list of groups at the left of the data grid. Very useful.  
·Multimonitor support.  
·Many changes in program options: button selection in main toolbar, autosizeable toolbars, module specific options, record deletion options, etc.  
·The program data folder can now be changed.  
·Information windows height can now be adjusted in all modules.  
·Report selection has been improved in all modules and last selection is recalled by the program.  
·The look of the clock has been improved. Placing the mouse on the clock now pops up a window with information about current date, holiday, alarms and tasks.  
·New tool that shows information about the Moon.  
·Reports can be exported to a file in program format, in text format or in HTML format.  
·Many other minor changes to improve program performance.  
·Several minor bugs fixed.  
·This version initializes program options.  
·This version needs a new registration key. Lifetime registered users will get it for free via electronic mail.  

Version 1.50   12-Jun-2000
·Calendars may now be printed. Some controls have been changed in Calendar module to improve usability.  
·New alarms and tasks may now be created for a given day by clicking the right button of the mouse on that day in a calendar.  
·New Financial calculations tool, that allows to perform mortgage calculations, depreciation calculations, etc.  
·Ctrl-T accelerator can be used to filter records in program modules from the keyboard.  
·View Cards dialog allows to launch the application associated with the Value field.  
·Backup files may now have a unique name, date independent.  
·The program calculator now allows Paste operations on the result field.  
·Fixed some visual problems in Property module.  

Version 1.40   01-May-2000
·Labels: Contacts and Cards modules now print information on labels.  
·Property evolution: property module shows a chart with the evolution of the property during a selected period of time.  
·The program recalls the width of the columns in data grids.  
·Charts contain a new parameter to get all the data in one page.  
·Comboboxes in modules display a new button to navigate through its items without dropping down the list.  
·New option to show more than one module at program startup.  
·New option to show grid text bold or normal.  
·New option to initialize sound parameters in new alarms.  
·Several minor improvements in the behavior of windows and dialogs.  
·Fixed some problems that happened when the program was iconized and the clock was displayed in the desktop.  
·This version initializes program options after installation, but does not change security and registration options.  

Version 1.31   16-Mar-2000
·The program can be iconized from the keyboard with Ctrl-I.  
·Family members can now be viewed from the Family edition dialog.  
·Fixed a problem in the detection of the need of database sorting.  

Version 1.30   10-Mar-2000
·New health module: allows the management of health information.  
·Database records can now be managed with the keyboard (create, edit, delete and print).  
·New option to minimize the program as an icon at startup.  

Version 1.20   01-Mar-2000
·New holidays database: allows the management of holidays, which will be shown in the calendars.  
·Clock size and position are now recalled when the program is closed from the icon tray.  
·After emptying a database, the program now updates the panel with the number of records.  

Version 1.10   30-Jan-2000
·New Cards module: allows the management of information classified by groups, like internet addresses, email addresses, recipes, password lists, important notes, and any other information you may imagine.  
·New contacts pocket report, even more compact than the previous one.  
·Security and printing restrictions in the shareware version have been removed.  
·Some minor problems in the behavior of some dialogs have been fixed.  
·Some aesthetic improvements have been made in several parts of the program.  
·Registered users should use their registration key to unlock the program after installing this version.  

Version 1.02   20-Jan-2000
·Calendar module: days with alarms or tasks are marked with a square on monthly and annual calendars. To see a description of those alarms and tasks, simply stop the mouse pointer on the marked day of your choice and a hint window will appear.  
·Calendars no longer show monday as first day of the week. The program now uses first day of the week in windows configuration.  

Version 1.01j   03-Jan-2000
·User name may contain now up to 40 characters.  
·The program now accepts backups even if their file name changed.  
·Windows NT problem with time separator fixed.  
·Alarms are now shown in topmost windows.  
·Modules are not filtered the first time they are shown  

Version 1.01   01-Oct-1999
·First release of the program :)