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How to Protect Program Data from Unauthorized Access

MSD Organizer is a personal and professional organizer software with powerful security features designed to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your data. You can protect the information during program execution and after closing the program.

How to Enter the Password

The first thing to do in order to protect the information stored in MSD Organizer is entering a password:

  • Open the program options: from the main menu select "Tools" then "Options." A dialog with several tabs will be shown
  • Select the "Security" tab. Press F1 for detailed help on all the items of this dialog
  • Press the button labeled "Enter a new password". A dialog will allow you to enter the program password. Important: the password is case sensitive. Write it carefully and do not forget it

The password you entered in MSD Organizer is the only one you will have to remember in order to use the program, to protect your data and to surf the internet for sites that require username and password.

Data Protection During Program Execution

To protect your data during program execution, use the controls contained in the sections labeled "Ask for the program password" and "Ask for the program password to access these modules". These controls prevent other people from accessing the information stored in MSD Organizer when you are away from your computer with the program running.

Data Protection After Closing the Program

To protect your data after the execution of the program, check the "Pack and encrypt databases" checkbox. After closing the program, the databases will be encrypted and packed in a single file, inaccessible from outside MSD Organizer.

You can also encrypt the program databases permanently. That way the databases will remain encrypted during program execution and after closing the program. To achieve permanent encryption, check the "Encrypt databases" checkbox.

MSD Organizer deletes the local databases when you close the program if the option "Pack and encrypt databases" is checked. If you want the program to remove all traces of the deleted databases once they are packed in the encrypted file, then check the "Delete data in a safe way" checkbox. The process of closing the program takes longer, but there will be no way to recover the deleted files even using specific recovery software.

Security Recommendations

Depending on the location where MSD Organizer is running, these are our security recommendations to prevent unauthorized access to your data:

  • If you use the program on your home computer, we recommend packing the data after closing the program
  • If you use the program on the office computer, we recommend permanent data encryption, packing the data after closing the program and safe data deletion
  • If you run the program from a pen-drive or from a removable disk, we recommend permanent data encryption and safe data deletion

If you follow these tips, the data stored in MSD Organizer will be safe at all times.

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