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How to Access the Information Quickly Using the Favorites Tool

MSD Organizer is a personal software that features a very powerful tool that goes a bit unnoticed, but used properly, it is really useful.

We are talking about Favorites, an auxiliary database that provides a fast and convenient way to access the most often used resources on MSD Organizer software and on your computer.

For example, if you frequently visit a folder on your computer, instead of using Windows explorer to open the desired folder, you can use MSD Organizer Favorites tool to access the folder much faster.

The Favorites in MSD Organizer software are not intended to replace Internet browsers favorites or the system Start button. This is an alternative solution that has several advantages:

  • It allows quick access to the Records and Groups of MSD Organizer software.
  • It allows you to sort the favorites by description, access date or number of accesses, making it even easier to find those favorites most frequently used.
  • It allows to select resources that are really favorites. For example, the Windows Start button contains all the programs installed in the computer. In the Favorites of MSD Organizer software you can include only those programs that you use daily.

Types of Favorites

Favorites can be of various types and, within each type, you can specify different groups to organize them more efficiently. Each group can be assigned an icon that will be shown in the favorites menu.

The favorites database may contain records of the following types: Program records, Program groups, Folders, Programs, Documents, Phone numbers, Web Addresses, Email Addresses and User Favorites.

When a Favorite of any of these types is selected, MSD Organizer will perform the action associated to that favorite type:

  • Program record: the module to which the record belongs will be opened and the record will be marked as current record.
  • Program group: the module to which the group belongs will be opened and the database will be filtered by that group.
  • Folder: Windows explorer will open the folder.
  • Program: Windows will run the program.
  • Document: Windows will open the document using the default program to open such type of document.
  • Phone number: Windows will make a phone call to that phone number using the default program to make phone calls.
  • Web address: the webpage will be opened in the default Internet browser.
  • Email address: Windows will open a dialog to send an email to the selected email address.
  • User favorite: use this favorite type to create favorites not matching any of the previous types, such as images, music, videos, movies, etc. Windows will run the default program to open the files defined in the user favorite.

Favorite's Groups

Favorites referring to computer resources may belong to a "Favorite Group". These groups are very important because MSD Organizer uses them to organize the favorites in sub-menus within the Favorites menu.

For example, we could create the following groups for the "Document" favorites: "Confidential", "Personal", "Work", etc. By assigning the Document favorites to these different groups, the program will be able to place them in sub-menus, making it much easier the access to the documents.

Favorites which do not belong to any group are shown together in the corresponding Favorites sub-menu.

Creating Favorites in MSD Organizer

Favorites such as "Program records" or "Program groups" are created from the program main modules by clicking the right mouse button on any record and selecting "Add to favorites" and then "Add the record to favorites" or "Add the group to favorites".

The other favorites can be created in the following ways:

  • From the Favorites management dialog, which can be opened from the main menu by selecting "Favorites" and then "Organize favorites"
  • From the main menu, select "Favorites", then "New favorite" and finally "New folder", "New program", etc

The two previous actions can also be performed from the context menu of the program icon on the taskbar, from the "Favorites" option.

Accessing MSD Organizer Favorites

There are two ways to access the Favorites created in this organizer software:

  • From the main menu, select "Favorites" and then look for the favorite of your choice browsing the sub-menus
  • From the context menu of the program icon on the taskbar, select "Favorites" and then look for the favorite of your choice browsing the sub-menus

It is important to note that favorites can be accessed while the program is iconized in the task bar, so MSD Organizer can be used as a custom extension of the Windows Start menu.

For more information on MSD Organizer's Favorites, open the program's help by pressing F1 on the keyboard and select the "Favorites" chapter.

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