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How to Change the User Interface: Expert vs Basic

MSD Organizer is a full-featured organizer software, with many options and visual components. For a user who is not familiar with it, the Expert interface may be too complicated.

For this reason, the program provides two different user interfaces:

  • Expert Interface: shows all available visual elements in each module, including toolbars, buttons and context menu items.

  • Basic Interface: only shows the most relevant information, hiding toolbars, buttons and context menu items that are not essential.

MSD Organizer lets you configure what visual items to hide when you select the Basic interface. To change the default user interface settings, click the "Options" button on the main toolbar, select the "General" tab and then the "Basic User Interface" tab.

The Basic interface is not only useful for new users. It can also be very useful if you run the program on computers with low screen resolution.

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