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How to Create New Alarms

MSD Organizer allows to create Alarms to which you can attach an alert to be shown at the appropriate date and time.

Alarms are one of the most important features of this organizer software, as they prevent you from forgetting important personal and professional events.

Besides showing an alert message, alarms can also be used to run programs, make a phone call, send an email, close the program and even shut down the computer. These actions can be set in the "Action" tab of the edition dialog.

There are several ways to create alarms:

  • From the "Calendar" module: open this module and click the right mouse button on any empty area of ​​the current calendar. In the context menu that will pop up select "New alarm".
  • From the "Alarms" module: open this module and click on the Create new record button in the toolbar or press the "Ins" key in the keyboard. An edition dialog will be shown allowing you to enter all the information you want about your new alarm.
  • From the Main Menu: select "File", then "New record" and finally "New alarm".
  • From the program Icon in the Windows Taskbar: when the program is iconized, click the right mouse button on the program icon in the taskbar, select "New record" and then "New alarm" . This is a convenient way to create alarms, because it is not necessary to have the program visible on the desktop.

This description to create new alarms is also valid to create records of any other program module, except for the Calendar module, which applies only to new alarms and tasks.

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