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How to Find the Information Quickly in any Module

One of the most important goals to be achieved by any user of information managers is finding the data you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is no point in storing information for years if, when you need some data, you cannot find it immediately.

MSD Organizer provides an essential tool in all modules that allows you to find information in a magical way. This is the Filter by Content accessible by this icon in the toolbar of each module and also accessible with the Ctrl-T keyboard shortcut.

MSD Organizer allows to find and filter information by different methods, but the filter by content is by far the most powerful method and the one you will use the most, once you discover its possibilities.

In general, a filter applied to a database is a condition imposed on the data, so that only the records that meet that condition are shown in the data grid.

For example, the following filter could be applied to the database of any module: "show the records that contain information in the Notes field." After applying that filter, only the records that contain information in the Notes field will be shown in the data grid.

When you select the filter by content, the program shows a dialog that lets you filter the information in many different ways. For details on all the possibilities of this filter, press the F1 key when this dialogue appears on the screen and the program's help will be shown, with a detailed description of this dialogue.

In this article we will focus on a characteristic of the filter by content that will be extremely useful when you want to find any information stored in any program module.

Imagine that you have entered information in the Contacts module for years. You may have hundreds or thousands of records in the database. Suppose you need to locate a woman you met a long time ago and you cannot remember her name, but you remember that she worked in a company called Indra, for example.

Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Contacts module
  • Select the filter by content (Ctrl-T)
  • Enter the text "indra" in the "Look for this text" field
  • Press the "Accept" button

Once finished the above sequence, you will notice that the data grid only shows the records containing the text "indra" in any field, in any position within the field and case insensitive.

It is important to understand the power of this filter when used this way. With this simple sequence of steps you will be able to find in a moment the records containing the text of your choice in any field of the database.

You can select the field where you want to do the search, the position of the text in the search fields and the character case. All these possibilities can be controlled by the various controls available in the filter by content dialog.

Don't forget this: when searching for information on MSD Organizer, use the Ctrl-T command. It will be of great help to you.

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