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How to Know the Module where the Information was Stored

In an organizer software with many modules, like MSD Organizer, it is really easy to forget where you stored the information you are looking for.

For example, you could use the Alarms module to store a meeting, a date or any other specific event, but you could also use the Tasks module with an alarm associated to it.

Another case in which you might have doubts is deciding if you stored the information in a record of a main module or if you stored it in the history of a record.

This organizer software provides two useful tools for finding information when you are not sure where you have stored it:

Union Module

When you open this module, the program reads all the databases of the main modules and creates a single database with the most important information of all the records of these modules. The information stored in the resulting database is basically the Description and Notes fields, which are the fields most likely to contain the information you are looking for.

To find the record containing that information you are looking for, just use the Filter by Content accessible by this icon in the toolbar of this module and also accessible with the Ctrl-T keyboard shortcut, and then enter the text that you want to find. Once this filter is activated, the data grid will only show the records that contain the selected text, regardless of the module to which they belong. To visit any record in its original module, simply click the right mouse button on the desired record and select "Go to record".

"Complete History" Tool

The History is a database that contains records associated with any record of the main modules. For example, if you create a new record in the Contacts module and name it 'MSD Soft', you can use the history database to annotate all events related to MSD Soft: purchased programs, registration keys, emails sent to us, our answers to these emails, etc. The same can be done with banks, customers, suppliers, professional and family contacts, etc.

If you think that you have stored the information you are looking for in the history of any record, MSD Organizer provides a great tool to locate that information. This tool is the "Complete History", that you may find in the Tools menu. Conceptually it is very similar to the Union module, as it contains all history records of all records in the main modules.

To find the record containing the information you are looking for, simply open the "Complete History" tool and use the Filter by Content. After applying this filter, the program will only show history records that contain the text of your choice, regardless of the main module to which they belong. To see the entire history of any record, simply click the right mouse button on the desired record and select "Visit the parent record".

With these two tips we are sure you will save a lot of time when looking for information in this organizer software.

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