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How to View the Latest Records Created in Any Database

In any organizer software it is very important to have easy access to the latest records created or modified in any database.

Although the following comments directly apply to MSD Organizer, the explanations are valid for any of our programs.

Imagine that you want to have instant access to the latest Contacts, Alarms, Cards or History annotations you entered into this organizer software. There is a very easy way to do this in MSD Organizer and in any MSD Soft program.

The data grid of every program module is able to show more fields than the ones shown by default. One of these fields is called "Modified" and contains the date and time each record was modified for the last time. Another field is called "Created" and contains the date and time each record was created.

In order to view the latest records created or modified in any database all you have to do is showing those fields in the data grid.

To show these fields click with the mouse on the small button located to the left of the data grid header. A popup window will show the names of all available fields in the database. If you do not see the "Modified" or "Created" fields in the list, scroll down to find them, because these fields are at the bottom of the list. Select the field of your interest and it will appear in the data grid.

Now sort the data grid by that field. If you click with mouse on the field's name, the database will be sorted in ascending order. Click again on the field's name to sort it in descending order.

Once you perform the steps outlined above, every time you open the module, the program will show you the latest records created or modified at the end of the data grid (if sorted in ascending order) or at the beginning of the data grid (if sorted in descending order).

This little trick is very useful to always have at sight the most frequently used records, or to check the last time you updated any database.

In the multiuser version of our programs it is also possible to show the fields "Created By" and "Updated by", showing the name of the user who created or last modified each record.

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