Data security

MSD Organizer is a program where you will store valuable personal and professional information.

We strongly recommend to protect your data with a password.

Press the button marked in red to open the program options dialog:

Then select the "Security" tab:

Press the button to enter the password to protect program data:

Enter the password of your choice twice and then press the "Accept" button:

Important: this password is case sensitive. Please, take note of it in a safe place. If you forget it, you will not be able to enter the program.

If you are running the program from a hard disk (fast device), we recommend to check "Pack and encrypt databases" in order to store all program databases in a single packed and encrypted file when the program is closed:

If you are running the program from a pen-drive (slow device), we recommend to check "Encrypt databases" in order to permanently encrypt the databases on the disk:

Important: before pressing the "Accept" button, please confirm that the password you have entered is the one you want to protect MSD Organizer data.

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