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MSD Strongbox is a confidential documents and files manager of maximum security, which can store files in the database and protect them with a password. To extract the files from the database it is necessary to know the password with which the files where stored.

If you have confidential files on your computer you want to keep private, without anyone being able to see them or edit them, MSD Strongbox is the solution. With this program you can store all kinds of documents, contracts, presentations, images, videos, etc.

MSD Strongbox is ideal for a safe transportation of confidential documents on removable disks and Pen Drives, as it can be installed on this type of storage devices.

MSD Strongbox features a first class data management technology, that allows to sort, group and filter the information by any field or combination of fields. Any combination of sorting, grouping or filtering can be visualized or printed in a report and also can be saved to disk in order to be recovered at any time.

This advanced data management technology allows to see, for example, the documents grouped by field type, by date, etc. The possibilities are infinite.

All program reports can be saved to disk in PDF format.

Additional Information about MSD Strongbox

MSD Strongbox is a tool for managing confidential documents and files for all Windows versions.

MSD Strongbox Portable is also available, which can be installed in Pen-Drives and removable disks, allowing to transport your confidential documents with complete security.

MSD Strongbox Multiuser is also available, allowing several users to share the information in a local area network with user access control.

If you install the software on your home or office computer, you may protect your confidential files so that anyone can access them if they do not know the password with which they were stored in the program database.

If you install the portable version of the program in a Pen Drive or in a removable disk, you may take your confidential files anywhere safely, with the confidence that nobody will be able to read nor edit the files stored in the program database.

If you install the Multiuser version of the program, several people connected in a local network may protect the confidential files of the company, with the possibility that all authorized users can store and extract files, or that each user can only extract the files that he has stored.

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MSD Strongbox Modules and Tools

In the following tables you will find a description of the main modules and tools of this program.

MSD Strongbox Main Modules

Module Description
Documents Allows to store confidential disk files in the database of the program, protecting them with a password selected by the user.
Auxiliary databases Allows to manage the groups database and the file types database.

MSD Strongbox Main Tools

Tool Description
Data backup Allows to make backups of your data and restore them when necessary. If the program is protected with a password, the backup will also be protected with the same password.
Word processor Allows to edit documents with formatted text, tables, images, hyperlinks and more. These documents can be stored in the records of the main program module.
Spreadsheet Allows to edit spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Excel. These spreadsheets can be stored in the records of the main program module.
Image viewer This program allows to store an image in every record. This tool allows to view or print these images.
Calculator A simple but useful calculator.

MSD Strongbox

Confidential Documents Manager


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