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MSD Passwords Description

MSD Passwords Main Window

MSD Passwords is a powerful and easy to use password management software which will allow you to navigate to Internet password protected sites with easy using the default browser of your computer.

Save time and make your Internet experience easier. No more need to recall dozens of user names and passwords to login to your favorite sites.

Enter in this password management software the Internet addresses of social networks like Facebook or Twitter, webmail sites like Google or Hotmail, messenger sites like MSN or your favorite banks. Enter also the user names and passwords to login to these sites and that's it. You will be able to enter these protected sites with a couple of mouse clicks, without recalling login information.

MSD Passwords is a very safe program. Select a password to protect your data and a strong encryption algorithm will protect the information from unauthorized access. Your information will also be protected while you use the program, thanks to runtime protection features, which prevent other people from using your login information if you leave your computer with the program running.

If you install MSD Passwords Portable in a removable disk or in a Pen-Drive you will be able to transport your login information with maximum security. If you lose your removable disk nobody will be able to access the information it contains if you protected the program with a password.

Use the Skins provided by this password management software to make your navigation experience more fun: Springtime, Summer, Christmas, Valentine, etc.

In addition to these features, MSD Passwords provides stand alone tools such as random passwords generator, word processor, spreadsheet and image viewer.

All the reports can be saved to disk in PDF format.

Additional Information about MSD Passwords

MSD Passwords is password manager tool for all Windows versions.

MSD Passwords Portable is also available, allowing to take your data in a Pen Drive or in a removable disk with ease and with security.

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MSD Passwords Modules and Tools

In the following tables you will find a description of the main modules and tools of this program.

MSD Passwords Main Modules

Module Description
Protected sites Allows to store the login information of Internet protected sites
Navigator Allows to navigate to Internet protected sites using the default Internet browser of your computer. It also provides buttons to copy to the clipboard the user names and passwords of the visited sites, so that you can paste this login information into the appropriate fields of the login web page.
Auxiliary databases Allows to manage the Groups database, used to categorize the protected sites.

MSD Passwords Main Tools

Tool Description
Data backup Allows to make backups of your data and restore them when necessary. If the program is protected with a password, the backup will also be protected with the same password.
Passwords generator Allows to generate random strong passwords, which can be used to login to protected sites with security.
Word processor Allows to edit documents with formatted text, tables, images, hyperlinks and more. These documents can be stored in the records of the main program module.
Spreadsheet Allows to edit spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Excel. These spreadsheets can be stored in the records of the main program module.
Image viewer This program allows to store an image in every record of the main program module. This tool allows to view or print these images.
Calculator A simple but useful calculator.

MSD Passwords

Easy to Use and Secure Passwords Manager Software


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