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MSD Tasks: this program is an advanced tasks management software, work planner and scheduler that will allow you to manage easily and visually the activities and tasks of several workers, thanks to its daily and monthly planners.

Many companies have discovered the utility of this program, that allows to limit the access of each user to the information, so that they can only access to their own tasks, to the tasks of their department or to all the tasks.

Each task is automatically associated to a unique work order number. Work orders can be printed and presented to the clients.

This tasks management software includes a Statistics module which allows to know in detail how task dates are met by every work team, and a Billing module which shows billing information of completed tasks, grouped by work team, by project and by client.

Different states can be associated to tasks in order to control their fulfillment (pending, initiated, finished, suspended and cancelled).

Tasks can be associated to Projects and Clients. This information can be used to easily find the tasks that belong to a project or to a certain client.

All program reports can be saved to disk in PDF format.

These are some examples of the activities that can be managed with this tasks manager:

  • A secretary could manage the agenda of one or more managers, controlling their visits, meetings, reports, appointments, travels, etc.
  • A manager could control the tasks and activities of his employees. The program provides stored tasks to easily manage recurrent activities.
  • A services company could manage the tasks of its employees, with the possibility of classifying them by project and of assigning them to a certain client.
  • A professional could manage his clients visits and meetings, assigning times and dates very easily thanks to the visual interface of the planners.

Additional Information about MSD Tasks

MSD Tasks is a visual task manager for all Windows versions.

This program allows to organize visually the tasks of several people at the same time. The secretary will be able to organize the boss agenda, a professional will be able to manage clients visits or a staff member will be able to control the activities of his employees. Work orders can be printed for every task.

MSD Tasks Multiuser is also available, allowing several users to share the information in a local area network with user access control.

MSD Tasks is built around two basic concepts:

  • Work Teams: this program allows to manage the work of several persons individually or organized in work teams. For this reason, the basic element for this program is the work team, which can contain one or more persons.
  • Tasks: the activities developed by work teams are stored in records called Tasks, which can contain appointments, visits, manual works, meetings, etc.

MSD Tasks is very easy to use and allows to personalize many program features to fit your personal preferences. It allows to filter the information by powerful conditions and also allows to find information in any field. All the reports can be viewed on the screen or sent to a printer.

Due to the fact that the information managed by this program can be private, some security mechanisms have been implemented to guarantee a high degree of privacy. By using a password the user can control the access to the program, to the modules and to the program options.

In addition, the information can be stored in a single password protected file when the program is closed, to avoid unauthorized access from outside the program. Thanks to these security features your information will be safe at home and at the office.

MSD Tasks: Managing Work Teams

MSD Tasks is an advanced task management software, work planner and scheduler that allows you to efficiently plan and manage the tasks and activities of several workers using only one power tool. It allows you to limit the degree of access of the different users, leaving you to decide if they would have access to department tasks, company wide tasks, or their own tasks alone.

MSD Tasks Main Modules

MSD Tasks is composed of different modules, each with its own specific function to contribute to the program’s efficiency.

  • Daily Planner: the Daily Planner lets you view tasks that are categorized according to work teams, with the tasks organized per hour. It gives you the freedom of modifying how many days and work teams will appear simultaneously.
  • Monthly Planner: the Monthly Planner lets you view tasks that are categorized according to work teams, with the tasks organized per month. Similar to the daily planner, it lets you modify how many teams and months will appear simultaneously.
  • Detailed Tasks: the Detailed Tasks displays all of the information about a specific task in a data grid, making it easier to find everything you need to know in one place. This module has its separate monthly planner for easier access.
  • Statistics: the Statistics Module shows you an overview of all the numbers involved. It shows how many tasks are assigned to the different work teams, and computes for the average and total duration of each of the tasks, as well as the percentages of those values.
  • Billing: the Billing Module shows billing information about completed tasks. This information is shown by work team, by project and by client.
  • Work Teams: the Work Teams module shows the tasks, data and other information for each team, making it easier to track progress and cross off items from the list.
  • Stored Tasks: stored Tasks keeps track of tasks that are regularly performed, so that the information attached to them can be used to start new tasks.
  • Projects: the Projects module allows you to link each task to a project.
  • Clients: the Clients module allows you to link each task and project to a specific client.

MSD Tasks Main Tools

To make it easier for you to maintain every piece of data entered into the system, there are different tools within MSD Tasks that can help you out.

  • History: the History tool lets you put in an unlimited number of annotations to any of the existing records, which can be used to track information about clients, suppliers, banks, and other contacts.
  • Data Backup: the Data Backup keeps your data safe, letting you create copies of all your data and letting you restore them as needed. For password-protected files, they will also be just as protected as before, and will still be using the same password.
  • Word Processor: this tool lets you edit documents with formatted text, tables, images, hyperlinks, and other publishing tools. Edited documents can be stored in any of the modules.
  • Spreadsheet: the Spreadsheet tool lets you edit spreadsheets that are compatible with Microsoft Excel, and allows you to store the edited version in any of the main modules.
  • Image Viewer: the Image Viewer lets you store a corresponding image to any entry or record, and also allows the image to be viewed and printed out.
  • Calculator: the Calculator can be launched using any of the financial fields, and allows you to make the exchange of money a lot easier.

MSD Tasks Main Features

The features that come with MSD Tasks make task management easier to handle.

  • Information Management: every piece of information stored in MSD Tasks is stored per module. Each module then displays the data in a way that is most convenient to check and view. It uses a powerful relational database engine that takes very little resources from your computer while providing great data management power. The information is displayed in data grids with different characteristics that make it easier to manage data, such as the capability to sort and group information by ay column or group of columns, and the ability to store an unlimited number of data configurations that can be restored anytime.
  • Ease of Use: with pre-assigned shortcuts like Ins for adding records and Enter to modify them, going through each module and doing what is necessary to organize tasks is a lot simpler. It lets you organize tasks visually, with the ease of dragging and dropping entries for faster scheduling. The program can also be kept in the system tray so that it is easily accessible while working with other programs.
  • Customization: fonts, shades and colors can be easily changed according to the user’s preference, and the aspect of the main screen and the main modules can also be changed to match everything else. Program behavior can also be customized, giving you choices of starting the program when Windows starts, displaying your preferred module upon startup, and other options.
  • Advanced Features: You can embed different documents of different formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, and a lot more. It has a built in word processor, spreadsheet, and image viewer, which makes it easier to edit, view, and create records in different ways and with different attachments. It also has excellent storage and recovery characteristics in terms of table configurations, with each configuration record containing data grid parameters, column sorting, column filters, and a lot more.

Other features include integration with the internet, information access control, database compression and repair, and a lot more. Basically, MSD Tasks has all the functions and features that task managers need to perform their jobs efficiently.

You can try the free version of MSD Tasks and get a feel of how convenient it is to use, and see how much its functions can help you in managing tasks for you and your work group. You can then decide on making a full purchase and start enjoying the benefits of using MSD Tasks in everyday tasks.

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MSD Tasks Modules and Tools

In the following tables you will find a description of the main modules and tools of this program.

MSD Tasks Main Modules

Module Description
Daily planner Allows to see the tasks organized per hours and work teams. It is possible to modify the number of days and the number of work teams that will appear simultaneously in the planner
Monthly planner Allows to see the tasks organized per months and work teams. It is possible to modify the number of work teams that will appear simultaneously in the planner
Detailed tasks Displays the tasks information in a data grid. This module also provides a different monthly planner
Statistics Displays detailed information about the number of tasks of every work team, counts on the different tasks states, total and average duration of the tasks and percentages of all these values.
Billing Displays detailed billing information about completed tasks. This information is grouped by work team, by project and by client.
Work Teams Allows to manage the work teams database. Each work team can consist of one or more workers.
Stored tasks Allows to manage the predefined tasks database. Stored tasks contain tasks that are performed frequently and can be used to initialize the information of new tasks.
Projects Allows to manage the projects database. Every tasks can be associated to a project.
Clients Allows to manage the clients database. Every tasks and every project can be associated to a client.

MSD Tasks Main Tools

Tool Description
History This is one of the most useful tools in this program. Allows to enter an unlimited number of annotations associated to any record of the program. It can be used to track the relationships with clients, suppliers, banks and other contacts.
Data backup Allows to make backups of your data and restore them when necessary. If the program is protected with a password, the backup will also be protected with the same password.
Word processor Allows to edit documents with formatted text, tables, images, hyperlinks and more. These documents can be stored in any program record.
Spreadsheet Allows to edit spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Excel. These spreadsheets can be stored in the records of the main program modules.
Image viewer This program allows to store an image in every record. This tool allows view or print these images.
Calculator All the financial fields in the program can launch this simple calculator, that among other things, will allow easy money exchange between local and foreign currency.

MSD Tasks

Tasks Management Software for Work Teams


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