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In times of crisis, GIVING AWAY is the best way to reach a wider audience

Would you like to achieve the following objectives?

  • Promote your business or website day after day
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Beat your competition

MSD Organizer Modules

We offer you the opportunity to promote your business or website year after year. You only have to give away the sponsored version of MSD Organizer to your clients and visitors.

In most marketing systems you only get results while you keep paying.

Promoting your business or website with the sponsored version of MSD Organizer, you will pay only once and you will get traffic and increase customer loyalty forever, thanks to the virality of our software.

MSD Organizer Sponsored does not need any registration key. The program is completely free for your visitors and clients. They just need to download, install and use it.

Content of MSD Organizer Sponsored

The sponsored version of MSD Organizer contains the following modules: Calendar, Contacts, Alarms, Tasks, Cards and Diary. It also features the following tools: Backup and Restore, Google Contacts synchronization, History, Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Financial Calculations and Spell checker.

MSD Organizer is clean software, respectul with your computer. It does not install any additional program.

MSD Organizer Sponsored is a Viral Marketing Tool

With this software you can promote any business or website, local or global, because the sponsored version of MSD Organizer is an efficient viral marketing tool for the following reasons:

  • It is a full-featured program, useful and a daily use tool.
  • It is completely free. People will love it and share it with friends, family, co-workers, etc.
  • On the installation process we encourage users to share the program, what increases the viral effect.
  • Every time a user runs the program, a splash screen will be shown with an image of your business for 5 seconds.
  • The first button of the main toolbar will show your business logo.
  • When the user clicks on the splash screen or on the logo button, your website will be opened with the default browser.
  • You can give away this software FOREVER, year after year, without limitations. The more you give it away, the more you will get the viral snow-ball effect (it will grant visits to your website for years).

The most important feature of this Marketing Tool

You can decide at any time what images will be presented to users when they open MSD Organizer, as well as the website they will visit when they click on every image.

Imagine the power of this tool. You can change the images as many times as you wish to make specific promotions, discounts, offers, etc.

And the best part is that these images will be presented to all users who use the program, regardless of the time elapsed since they installed the software.

Customization of MSD Organizer Sponsored

Click on the following images to see the screens that will promote your business in the sponsored version of MSD Organizer every time the users run the program.

In this case we promote MSD Soft, but in the version that we will prepare for you, we will replace our images and logo with those of your business.

Download MSD Organizer Sponsored tailored for MSD Soft

If you want to see the sponsored version of MSD Organizer in action, you can dowload and install a demo version tailored for our company, MSD Soft.
Click here to download MSD Organizer Sponsored by MSD Soft

Important: you can install MSD Organizer Sponsored even if you have another version of MSD Organizer installed, since they are stored in different folders.

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