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The Freeware Products, Shareware Products and Services described in this webpage are recommended by MSD Soft Team. Try them and you will notice a great improvement in your computer experience.

RnGWriter: Freelance Writing Services

Whether you want to promote your products or you want to inform your customers, you need to send the right message. is owned by Syed Shadab, a freelance writer, who specializes in writing for online business and affiliate marketers. By utilizing the power of social media, article marketing and guest posting, Shadab strives to provide his clients with cost-effective solutions. So if you want a professionally written sales page, landing page, squeeze page, article or blog post, we recommend that you save yourself the trouble and contact today at to schedule a free Skype consult!

Second Copy

Second Copy is a shareware automatic backup software that will prevent you from losing information as it has done for us for more than ten years. What could we say about this gem. Simply this, if you mind your information and want to backup it daily the easiest possible way, then try this software. For us this is a must have tool.

PSPad Text Editor

PSPad is a freeware text editor for programmers and website designers. We use it to edit text files, pascal files, html files and more. This program is one of the best tools in our toolbox and we recommend it without reservations.


IrfanView is one of the most popular freeware graphic viewers available. This great software is small, powerful, very fast and supports most supported file formats. This nice software has been an essential part of our toolbox for years.



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