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Sponsor MSD Soft Software Project

My name is Manuel Sebares. I am the designer and developer of all the software available in this website since 1999.

This sponsorship request is intended mainly for people able to appreciate the hard work behind the software in this website. I have devoted thousands of hours to the development of MSD Soft's programs with the intention of offering the best possible experience to our many users worldwide.

If you want to Sponsor my software project, you can do it with any amount you wish, starting as low as 5 euros ;)

Thanks to generous people like you, MSD Soft is able to keep providing useful software to our large user base.

Sponsorship Types

If you want to tell the world that you support MSD Soft's software project, please select "Public" in the Type field of the Sponsorship Form. If you do not want to be listed on this webpage, select "Private".

I would appreciate a Public sponsorship, because that way your contribution will encourage other people to become sponsors as well. We will never publish the contributions of our sponsors.

You can submit your contribution as a Sponsor of MSD Soft through Paypal secure servers (paypal or credit card) using the form below, or via bank transfer.


I want to thank you very much for your contribution, because small or big, it will help me to continue delivering useful software to thousands of users worldwide.

Best Regards

Manuel Sebares

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Sponsorship via bank transfer

If you prefer to sponsor MSD Soft programs via bank transfer, please send your contribution to this bank account:

Account holder:   Manuel Sebares Díaz
Account:   0073 0100 5705 0278 8184
Bank:   Openbank, Oficina Principal
c/ Manuel Gómez Moreno 2, Madrid, España
IBAN code:   IBAN ES64 0073 0100 5705 0278 8184

MSD Soft Public Sponsors

We are proud to have found generous people and companies that have decided to sponsor MSD Soft's software project.

We want to thank both, our public and private sponsors, because thanks to their contributions we are able to offer quality products at affordable prices to users all over the world.

This list contains the names of our Public Sponsors:

  • Emeteri Escudero Muñoz
  • Manuel Chousa
  • Enric Salvadó Plana
  • Bruce Newton
  • Ana María López Cano
  • Luis R Colmenter
  • Massimiliano Zanetta
  • Ernesto Barriga
  • Eustaquio García
  • Pablo Monterroso Moya
  • Santiago Casado Gómez
  • Eugenio García Luque
  • Paul Rupp
  • Yasir Wajih Naim Jabari
  • Manuel Valebona Refojos
  • Gonzalo Medina Díaz
  • Manuel Prado Miragaya
  • Víctor Domínguez Farías
  • Antonio Santiño Reyes
  • Jeff H. Wilkinson
  • José Martínez García
  • Gilda P. Sullivan
  • Amadeus Byers
  • Jessica Schurrer
  • Juan Ramón Amigó Torres
  • Peter H. Vale
  • Alexander Winston White
  • Julio Argumosa Díaz
  • Raymond S. Canero
  • Blanche W. Reginald
  • John A. Riverside
  • Leslie F. Corner
  • Álvaro Abadía Callizo
  • Piero Lima
  • Ricardo Chueca Romojaro

We wish you all the best

MSD Soft Team


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